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New & Improved DISC Profile Reports

The same reliable DISC Profiles you know developed exclusively for business, education, and industry, with a new design you will love.

At Team8, we provide the most comprehensive Behavioural Assessment tools, in the Team8 DISC and TeacherDISC Profiles. 

On July 15th 2021, we launched our new look assessments. We wanted to ensure you are able to get across the change and get a proper look at the new designs.

What's New?

A predominately visual upgrade with small changes to the layout and content, ultimately with the aim to improve your experience when using the reports. 

What Hasn't Changed?

The fundamental high quality of our DISC assessments. Every Team8 assessment is still as comprehensive and personalised as before.


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New ‘Team 1-page DISC Summaries’ Report​

We are thrilled to share an additional report available and extremely beneficial for when working with a group or team. In addition to our Team Dynamic and Summary Graphs Reports, we have developed a ‘Team 1-page DISC Summaries’ Report for you to use as a useful resource for your team. This report includes a single page summary of each individual's DISC Profile Report selected in the generation stage and can include any combination of the Team8 DISC and TeacherDISC Profiles.

September 2021 Update

The 12 DISC Sub Patterns

If you're familiar with our DISC Profiles, you will be acquainted with the 12 DISC Sub Patterns (pages 18-20 in your DISC Report), which is used for developing a more complete understanding of a person’s overall Behavioural style.

Previously, this section provided the results for someone’s natural style only (using a black bar). With this update, the reports now display an individual's 12 DISC Sub Patterns for both their natural and adapted styles, using the existing symbols of the circle (natural) and star (adapted) that are used elsewhere in the report. Please note, the sub patterns will still display in order of ranking according to the individual's natural Behaviours.

If you would like to view this update on any DISC Profiles completed prior to this change, simply select to ‘regenerate’ the report prior to downloading it from within your assessment account, or reach out to your Team8 Client Manager to assist and we can do this for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you will probably have questions about the new reports, so we've compiled the most commonly asked. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us. Our aim is to make this transition to the new reports as seamless and easy for you as possible.

Yes of course! We will just need to regenerate your report, please contact us if you would like this done.

Due to some layout adjustments, there are a few changes to page numbers throughout the document. We encourage you to refer to the downloadable information sheet for details on these, but a few key page numbering changes to note are:

  • The ‘Summary Page’ will be on page 13 (previously 17),
  • The ‘Personal Review Questions’ page will be on page 14 (previously 18),
  • And the ‘DISC Graphs’ will be on page 15 (previously 19).

No sorry, but we promise you won’t miss it! Our updated suite of assessments are the same comprehensive and personalised reports you know, but with a new look you will love.

The new look Team8 reports contain predominately visual changes to the layout and content, with only a few wording changes for clarity and consistency throughout. Please refer to the downloadable information sheet for details on these changes. All adjustments have been incorporated from client feedback, our own application, and ultimately with the aim to improve your experience when using the reports.

Yes, our entire suite of assessment offerings has been upgraded to the new design.

  • For our Team8 clients who use the Team Dynamic Report, this has been refined to include only the key results and information used by most clients. We have also removed some of the repeated content that is included in the individual DISC Profile Reports as we found most clients weren’t using this.  
  • The new Team8 Leadership 360 Review Assessment, has already been updated to the new look cover design. You can find out more about this service here.

Yes, Part I, Part II, and Part III remain in the Team8 DISC Profile Reports.

To be honest, it’s been a project in the works for a while that essentially became possible during covid. If you’ve visited our website in the last year, you may have noticed the complete redesign we launched in 2020. It then became a priority to ensure our suite of assessments matched our new, modern look. Fundamentally, the reports are the same, high quality, and personalised assessments as before, but with a face lift!

For existing/current clients of Team8, yes your previously agreed upon cost per profile will remain the same. However, there will be a slight increase in our website retail price paid as we haven’t changed our pricing for about eight years.

No, all our reports are still generated using the same reliably algorithm.

Our new look Team8 DISC reports will be released on July 15th 2021. However, our new 360 Performance Review is already live.

No, we aim to make this transition as smooth as possible for you so come July 15th, your account will automatically begin using the new report designs for any new profiles taken. For existing completions, your Team8 Client Manager will be in touch to either show you how to regenerate these into the new design, or action this step for you.

Your Team8 Client Manager will be monitoring any completions on your account around the time of the changeover and will regenerate any reports completed prior to the upgrade into the new design. For completions after July 15th, all individuals will automatically receive the new report design.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us, we would be more than happy to personally take you through the update.
Know that we are here to make this improvement a smooth transition and are excited to share this with you.