Leadership Development

Leadership underpins every great success story and leaves a gaping hole when it’s lacking. Whether you’re updating your existing program or launching a new initiative, Team8’s Leadership Development Program is the complete solution you’ve been looking for.

Leadership Development

Leadership. CEO’s demand it, teams need it, employers look for it and our communities yearn for it. Leadership is no longer seen as something you are born with but rather a skill that can be developed and grown. But organisation’s resources are being stretched and developing a quality leadership program is no easy task. Most of all, when you tackle an area such as leadership, professional and personal credibility is a must-have.

Successful Leadership Programs:

1) Start with Self-Mastery

“If you don’t have self-awareness and have effective relationships then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.”
– Daniel Goleman (World-renowned Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Expert)

2) Build Communication and People Skills

Business is conducted by people, managed by people and relies on people, so it is imperative you get the people side right. Leadership ultimately relies on exceptional people skills.

3) Develop Employable Skills

Employers search for Communication and Leadership Skills in potential employees more than anything else, according to the 2014 National Association of Colleges and Employers study. The best Leadership Programs ensure employees improve in these critical areas.

4) Drive Action

Understanding Leadership is only the start. To have impact, leadership must be put into practice. An action-orientated approach leads to lasting results.


The LEAD Model

With these critical elements in mind, Team8 Assessments uses the LEAD Model for Leadership Development Programs. The four modules ensure that the most critical aspects of Leadership Development are covered.


Whether you’re updating an existing program or launching a new initiative, Team8’s Leadership Development Program is the complete solution you’ve been looking for. Contact us to find out more!

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