Team8 Client Testimonials

We could spend money on flashy advertising, but we know as well as you do that honest feedback directly from clients is the most reliable and credible way to gauge how good a product or service really is.

Below is direct feedback from clients who have used Team8’s DISC Profiles, Leadership Development, Professional Development, Corporate Training, or Keynote Speaking services. Team8’s Clients have included:

Team8 Client Testimonials

“The Team8 DISC Profile has been so complimentary to my programs at Schiavello. The team are just so easy to deal with, nothing’s a problem and they take the time to run you through the program, check in, and ensure that you’ve got every available offering to make the most of whatever session you’re running. Both Rebekah and Danielle couldn’t be more enjoyable to work with and are just so helpful. I haven’t experienced such excellent customer service and I wouldn’t go back [to another provider] and certainly recommend them to anyone that’s thinking about getting DISC Profiles for their business.

Elissa Stephens

Learning & Capability Specialist


“Utilising the Team8 DISC Profile and team training sessions helped us find and better understand our individual work styles. In a time where individuality is prized, Team8 helped us navigate a path towards empathy and understanding how our differences make for a stronger team. Thanks guys!”

Ryan Smith
Senior Management
Goodlife Community Centre

Your presentation on resilience, and how you were able to relate your experiences as an elite athlete to what frontline clinicians experience within the healthcare industry, was fantastic. You created energy in the room and connected very well with the audience as you delivered many thought provoking and challenging concepts. You were faced with a logistical challenge of not only engaging an audience of 100 clinicians, but you also had nine video conference sites with which to engage. You handled this brilliantly. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who attended the forum, stating that your presentation was “great, inspirational, engaging, and a fantastic start to the day”. I was encouraged and inspired myself.”


Kirstine Sketcher-Baker
Executive Director Patient Safety Unit
Queensland Health

Bo Hanson’s Team8 Programs have become an integral part of the leadership programs of the Accelerated Learning Laboratory. The Team8 program places participants safely outside their comfort zone in a managed environment and provides them many insights about themselves, leadership and their teams. What managers learn about team interdependencies while “coaching from every seat” and preparing for performance will make them better leaders.”

Professor Robert Wood
Director Accelerated Learning Laboratory
Professor at the Australian Graduate School of Management

The Team8 Rowing Program was outstanding for our team’s development (Mettle Group). It enabled us to take people out of their comfort zones in a very safe, fun and educational format. The day drew tangible parallels between sport and business and highlighted that no matter how skillful someone may be individually, if they don’t work in collaboration with the rest of the team then their effort is not particularly useful. All of us were rowing novices, only one out of 25 had ever rowed a boat before but we had all seen it done, it really created a level playing field. Everyone took something useful away from the experience

John Eales
Rugby Union – 86 Tests, 55 as Captain
Dual World Cup Winner (as Captain) & Business Leader

We had a fabulous day and all staff in their feedback have been overwhelmingly positive about the experience. It has certainly assisted us in developing our ‘team’ building and care for each other in the workplace and has led to a great deal of conversation and deepening care for each other’s individual differences. Many are now transferring this knowledge to the different approaches we now need to take with the diverse ‘groupings’ of children in our care in our classrooms and some are keen to learn how to apply it to more effectively to their teaching. I cannot fail to commend you on your approach to designing such a wonderful and fulfilling professional learning experience for us all at Winifred West Schools – thank you.” 

Kate Chauncy
Director of Teaching & Learning P-12
Winifred West Schools (Frensham and Gib Gate, Mittagong)

“Apart from enjoying an activity we had not done before, we all gained considerable information about ourselves from our experience with Team8 that we are continuing to building on in both our personal and work lives. Our whole team grew with the experience with some staff gaining unseen confidence, others are more aware of how their behaviour affects others. Our team is now closer than ever and we are all excited by what the Team8 experience offered us. I would recommend this process to anyone serious about ensuring their business is ahead of its competition.”


Jason Krueger
Managing Director
Neo Building Design

“As part of our commitment to developing the Future Leaders within our business, O’Brien used the Team8 DISC 360 profiling in our recent development program. We used this version of DISC as it is completely online and provided a very comprehensive report for each participant. The participants on the program gained a lot of value from the 360 capability of the Team8 DISC and learnt about how others view them in their various leadership roles. Our Human Resources Team also completed the profiles, using them to learn more about how we work and perform together as a team. I would recommend these DISC profiles to any organisation who wants to develop their people through greater self-awareness.” 

Lisa M O’Brien

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