Additional Capabilities

of Team8's DISC Profile Assessments

Team8’s DISC Profiles have been developed specifically for business, education, and industry. There are two different types, the Team8 DISC and the TeacherDISC Profile, which have enormous value and benefits on their own. But while other DISC providers might refer to a 40-page report as being an advanced version of DISC, this is just where ours begin. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service through the additional capabilities of our DISC Profiling tools.

Team8 DISC-assessment

Both Team8 assessments provide a personalised DISC Profile Report determined by the results of a 12-minute online survey. The personalised Team8 DISC and TeacherDISC Reports detail an individual’s personal style, strengths, limiting Behaviours, communication preferences and the ideal environment to enhance performance.

While individual DISC Profile Reports have enormous value and benefits on their own, we also offer a number of additional capabilities which you can elect to use alongside the DISC Reports.

Team Dynamics & Summary Graph Reports

When one of your teams or departments complete their individual DISC Profiles, we have the added capability of producing a Team Dynamics and Summary Graph Report. These provide you with the ability to see the DISC Profiles across the group through different graphs, along with useful summaries. Understanding the bigger picture team behaviours has enormous value for ongoing professional development and team cohesion.

Our Team Dynamics Report assists you in better understanding and developing how well your team functions and performs. It provides an overview of the combination of different behavioural styles within the team and has been created by plotting where each person falls within the DISC quadrants. Just as individuals have their own unique profiles and associated behaviours, every team also develops its own unique culture as a result of combining these behaviours.

Understanding how the broader team dynamic impacts different behavioural styles enables yourself or your leaders to have a greater awareness and be more strategic about creating the ‘right’ type of culture for the team to achieve their goals. Contact Us for more information.

Observer Feedback

Team8’s optional Observer Feedback capability is available with every DISC Profile purchased (at no additional cost). It provides your employees with an opportunity to reach out to colleagues or managers to celebrate or recognise what they are doing well, whilst also seeking advice on key areas for further development.

The Observer Feedback tool enables an individual to electively invite peers, managers, or colleagues to share their insights into how they perceive the individual’s Behaviour within the working environment, converting it into a valuable 360-degree performance review. It was developed to take advantage of the range of benefits gained from quality feedback, from improving performance to reducing staff turnover. Contact us for more information.


‘Team 1-page DISC Summaries’ Report

 In addition to our Team Dynamic and Summary Graphs Reports, we have developed a ‘Team 1-page DISC Summaries’ Report for use as a refined resource for your team. This report includes a single page summary of each individual’s DISC Profile Report selected in the generation stage and can include any combination of the Team8 DISC and TeacherDISC Profiles.

Branded Accounts
for Consultants, Resellers, and Organisations

Team8’s assessment platform offers the added capability of creating separate accounts for consultants, resellers, or organisations to use. These accounts include a unique login page, application of your logo on the platform and on each DISC Profile Report completed under your account, and full administration access and training (choose to manage as much or as little as you would like). Plus, our dedicated team will provide full administrative support as you need. 

These accounts are a great option for those looking to on-sell the Team8 DISC Profiles as a consultant or reseller, profile their team or organisation, or use for ongoing recruitment or employee management. 

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Collaboration Report mockup

DISC Collaboration Report

The latest capability added to our suite of DISC Profiling Tools

The DISC Collaboration Report is an evaluation and facilitation of how two people work together. It can be used to enhance existing working relationships, or in recruitment to easily distill down the key themes of a potential candidate’s DISC Profile and how they will work with their manager or a key member of the team. 

This innovative and user-friendly report is available for use, at no additional cost, with any pairing combination of the Team8 and TeacherDISC Profiles. Contact Team8 if you would like to utilise this capability.

Find out more about the Team8 DISC Profiles

Team8’s DISC Profiles are specifically tailored for use in business, industry, and education. Each assessment is completed via a 12-minute online survey and results in a personalised DISC Profile Report for the individual (including summaries for ease). The DISC report details an individual’s personal style, strengths, limiting behaviours, communication preferences, and the environment they perform best in. The primary focus of DISC Profiling is to increase self-awareness and understanding of personal and other’s behaviours. 

Team8 DISC-assessment

The distinguishing factor of any great organisation is their constant pursuit for achieving high performance and the competitive edge. With the Team8 DISC Profile, you can provide your employees with a comprehensive understanding of their own behaviours, along with an opportunity to develop a better understanding of those they work with. Not all DISC Profiles are created equal, but with the cutting-edge features of the Team8 DISC Profile, you can be confident in providing your organisation with an exceptional DISC experience. The Team8 DISC Profile quickly improves communication, working relationships, and ultimately performance in measurable results. Use in recruitment, as a foundation for professional development plans, or as part of a team building exercise.


The best teachers and educators know how to adapt their teaching to suit the needs of their students. But in order to do this, teachers need have self-awareness and an understanding of their own behaviours. The Team8 TeacherDISC is the easiest, fastest, and most effective way for educators to increase their level of self-awareness and find new ways to further improve their teaching and communication techniques with students and colleagues. The TeacherDISC is a unique to industry behavioural profiling tool. It is based on a well-founded methodology, drawing on decades of behavioural research. With the exceptional features of the TeacherDISC Profile, you can be confident in providing your education staff with an exceptional DISC experience.