360 Performance Reviews for Business and Leadership

Team8 Leadership 360 Review

In business and corporate sectors, we know that more than 90% of private Organisations have a performance appraisal system in place to be effective in developing greater performance.

Performance reviews are designed to increase productivity and enhance results. In the corporate world, however, traditional methods of performance reviews may focus on quantitative elements such as reaching specific KPI’s or numerical targets, however this can easily become too narrowly focused or result in a negative outcome rather than constructive process.

When asked, many employees often feel their existing performance review processes are inconsistent and ineffective which can have a direct impact on their results. 

Performance reviews are vital to improve productivity outcomes, but only if the execution is right.

What is the Team8 Leadership 360 Review?

The Leadership 360 Review can be used as an element of a professional development program, or as a comprehensive and professional end of year performance review. One of the most critical aspects of modern human resource management, is ensuring your people have access to opportunities and development that improves their skills and allows for effective evaluation of their performances each year. The success of any organisation comes down to the vital contributions of their employees, so it’s important to ensure you’re looking after your most important assets (your people!) by assisting them in reaching their greatest potential.

The Leadership 360 Review allows for you to provide your employees with a quality feedback process on their performance, and set plans for the future using a consistent and tangible measure of success. Using this service, you can be confident in how your managers’ and employees’ performance is measured and be sure that a proven and consistent methodology is being used. If you take performance seriously, you must lead from the front. Provide your staff and leaders with a valuable development experience, with the Leadership 360 Review.

The Leadership 360 Review is built around the Eight Manager Effectiveness Abilities: 
Benefits of the Leadership 360 Review

This specialist service combines the necessary professional support with the ease and efficiency of an excellent online assessment program. Transform your review or professional development process into a valuable experience for all involved:

How the Leadership 360 Review Works

We offer the Leadership 360 Review at a range of different levels of service, from self-service to full consultation. Here are the key steps involved:

Service Levels Available

We offer a range of levels of services with the Team8 Leadership 360 Review. At the basic level, our service includes what is described above. However, we offer tailored packages that can include options for your staff to complete their own Team8 DISC Profile, follow up individual or group consultations, facilitated meetings for the individual and their management, or on-going professional development.  We would be more than happy to discuss what options may be of most value to you, your employees, and your organisation. Please contact us to discuss. 

The Team8 DISC & Leadership 360 Review

Many of our Leadership 360 clients have previously or will simultaneously complete their Team8 DISC Profile and you may be wondering how these relate to each other.

Fundamentally, both are useful tools for developing increased self-awareness and supporting an individual’s professional development. Both start with the individual completing a survey as to how they see themselves in their professional role and both have the ability to include others – we call them ‘observers’. 

Team8-DISC assessment

The Leadership 360 review focuses on eight manager effectiveness abilities and relies on the involvement of those working with and around an individual to be actively involved in the process by providing feedback about their performance.

The Team8 DISC Profile is a Behavioural assessment, which identifies the individual’s preferred work behaviours, strengths, potential areas for improvement or limiting behaviours, communication preferences and style, and the environment they perform best in.

The information provided in an individual’s personalised Team8 DISC Profile report, allows for individuals to be more effective with communication, build stronger relationships with staff, senior management, clients, and others, and have a deeper understanding of their motivation, strengths and areas for development.

With the Team8 DISC, ‘observers’ are an optional inclusion, whereas with the Leadership 360 Review they are a critical part of the process.

At Team8, we can create a tailored program for your organisation that includes both the Team8 DISC and Leadership 360 Reviews. We encourage you to contact us to find out more.