DISC Workshops

Get the most out of your DISC Profiling with a tailored workshop with Team8's DISC Practitioners. We offer highly interactive in-person or virtual workshops to teams and groups of any size, in any industry.

Enhance the Application of DISC

DISC Profiling builds the self-awareness your team members and leaders need to take their performance to the next level. When used correctly, it allows individuals and teams to understand how to consistently achieve their best results. Team8’s DISC Profiles use proven techniques, based on decades of behavioural research, and are specifically for business, industry, and education. When using Team8’s DISC Profiling Tools, we offer tailored workshops to enhance the use and application of DISC within your team or organisation.

Our DISC facilitators come from a high performance background and have over 25 years experience working with teams at all levels of an organisation. Let us support you in getting the most out of your development initiatives, by applying the use of DISC in a way that is most relevant to you.

Team8's DISC Workshops Include

TeacherDISC and Team8 DISC_Mock up

Team8 DISC Assessments

DISC Profiles for each team member and leader participating in the workshop, administered in advance. Plus access to Team Dynamic and Summary reporting capabilities.


In-person or virtual workshop/s

In-person or virtual workshop/s, with Founder and Director of Team8, Bo Hanson, or another Team8 DISC Consultant; tailored to your team's results and desired outcomes.


Supporting Materials

Detailed supporting resources and materials provided to get the most of your workshop and enhance the application of DISC beyond the event.

Dedicated Support

Full administration and support provided by Team8 staff. Our clients consistently share that our exceptional service is unlike any other provider.

Develop Critical Self-Awareness in your Leaders & Team Members

Whether working with your small business’ team of five, 10 Executive Leaders in a multi-level corporate, or multiple departmental teams across your organisation, we offer solutions that provide an exceptional experience for those undertaking the Team8 DISC Assessment. We offer in-person or virtual workshops, tailored to your needs, frequency, and budget. The aim is always to ensure that the information from the DISC Profiling is useful and put into practice, and the workshop ensures that you are maximising the value of the investment to focus specifically on your team or organisation.

Team8's Workshops can help you use DISC for:

Personal & Professional Development

Providing a foundation for building self-awareness and understanding individual and others' strengths and potential limitations, to improve communication, relationships, and ultimately, outcomes.

Leadership Development

Helping your leaders better understand themselves and their leadership style to become more adaptable, effective at leading others, and able to identify the needs of their team.

Team Cohesion

Understanding the different communication styles of the four DISC Styles and applying it to the dynamic of your team to work together more effectively.

Conflict Resolution

Increasing individual and team awareness of potential causes of conflict as a result of similarities and differences in styles. Teams will be able to pre-empt it and create strategies for more effective collaboration and relationship building.

Project or Partnership Relationships

Providing a tangible and constructive way to get to know the people outside of your team, that you may be working with as part of a project or partnership to ensure a positive and productive relationship.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Identifying candidates who are a good fit for a role, who will be able to work effectively with others, and onboarding them into the team dynamic and culture they will be working within.


Fill out the form below with information about the size of your team or organisation, ideal timing for your workshop, budget, and any additional information you think we should know. Our team will contact you within two business days to set up a time to discuss our tailored options available.

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