Consultants and Resellers

Your clients rely on you being the best in your field, knowing the true determinants of success, and having access to the tools that are most impactful in improving performance.

Australian DISC Resellers and Consultants

For Australian Business Consultants, Recruiters and DISC Resellers who want to benefit from using the Team8 DISC Profiles with their own clients.

Our relationship with consultants is very supportive of their business and we provide all the assistance you need when starting to incorporate our profiles with your work with your clients. This includes extensive training and support, purchasing the profiles at ‘wholesale’ rates, sharing marketing materials and resources and you can brand your reports and website logins to your business.

Become a Team8 DISC Reseller and Consultant

As a successful consultant, you know what the defining factor for high performance is and it’s never skills or technical ability. Always it’s managing the people side of business. We understand that your clients demand that you be the best in your field, so they can be the best in theirs. We know you already appreciate how quality assessments contribute to your clients’ development and your work with them. We’re here to provide you with the best DISC profiling assessments.

“Our relationship with consultants is unlike any other assessment provider. Support doesn’t end when your initial accreditation is complete, nor are the provision of assessments purely transactional. We’re genuinely different in that we see our relationship with consultants as much more.”

We know that when our clients are successful, we are successful too. As a result, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and going the extra mile to ensure that the most value is extracted, and results achieved, from the use of our DISC Profiles. As a consultant, this knowledge base and support is at your disposal.

Are you already accredited with another DISC Provider? We can fast-track your transition to using our DISC Profiles at no charge to you. However, if you are looking to gain DISC training and accreditation with Team8, we can help you add this valuable service to your business.

The Benefits for You

  • Team8 DISC Profiles are cutting edge. Profiles feature DISC Diamonds and graphs, a combination of detailed descriptions, easy-to-read graphics and summary dot points.
  • Utilise DISC in numerous applications from leadership, personal and professional development, team building, one-on-one coaching and much more.
  • Be time effecient and effective. You gain a deeper understanding of each individual client- to a level previously not possible in the same timeframe.
  • Know with confidence what the most effective ways to communicate with and build rapport with each of your clients.
  • Have critical information on paper, and permanently online to free up your valuable time. Become more strategic with your session planning.
  • You control the process, any time, anywhere you have internet access. Leading edge technology features completely online, easy to use, automated system – with personal logins, home page and full support.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied, receive a full refund.

The Benefits for Your Clients

  • Use as an effective tool to build self-awareness. Enable your clients to understand their behaviour and the impact they have within the team environment.
  • The detailed DISC Profile Reports provide knowledge of each client’s limiting and strengthening behaviours and the characteristics of the type of environment they perform best in.
  • Access practical strategies to effectively support and provide development opportunities for each client, according to their specific needs.
  • When working with a team, use a tangible methodology to develop team chemistry and to understand and work best with the team dynamic.
  • Includes the option for 360 degree review with an observer feedback capability  – this is a totally unique service providing incredible growth opportunities.

Team8 Assessments’ DISC Profiles

Team8’s DISC Profiles are specifically tailored for use. Each assessment includes a 12 minute online survey and results in a personalised DISC Profile Report (with summaries for easy use). It details the individual’s personal style, strengths, limiting behaviours, communication preferences and the environment they perform best in.

For Business and Corporate – the Team8 DISC Profile

Team 8 DISC Sample ReportThe distinguishing factor of great organisations is their constant pursuit for the competitive edge. With the Team8 DISC behavioural profile, you can provide your employees with a comprehensive understanding of themselves and those they work with. Not all DISC Profiles are created equal, but with the cutting-edge features of the Team8 DISC Profile, you can be confident in providing your organisation with an exceptional DISC experience. The Team8 DISC Profile quickly improves communication, working relationships and ultimately results.  Use with recruitment, as a foundation for professional development plans or part of a team building exercise. Find out more!

Click here to view a sample Team8 DISC Report. For a sample Team8 DISC Report in American English please contact us.

For Teachers and Educators– the TeacherDISC Profile

TeacherDISC Sample ReportThe best educators and teachers know how to adapt their teaching to suit the needs of their students. But to do this, teachers need to be aware of what they already do- they need to be self-aware. TeacherDISC is the easiest, fastest and most effective way for educators to improve their self-awareness and find new ways to further improve their teaching and communication with students and colleagues. The TeacherDISC is a unique behavioural profile. It is based on a well-founded methodology and draws on decades of behavioural research. Not all DISC Profiles are created equal, but with the cutting-edge features of the TeacherDISC Profile, you can be confident in providing your staff with an exceptional DISC experience. Find out more!

Click here to view the sample TeacherDISC Report. For a sample TeacherDISC Report in American English please contact us.