Conference Speaking
on the Olympics and 0.29%

Have you ever wondered how different your outcomes may have been if your performance was just this little bit better?

Ever noticed how most people, teams and organisations do the big things well, but the mark of the truly successful is their commitment to the smallest details?

In sport, everything is measurable. Excuses count for nothing and the only question you really need to ask is, “Did you achieve your goals?” It is a simple “Yes” or “No”. You either won the race, achieved a medal result, did your best time or made the team.

1996 Atlanta Olympics – Men’s Quad Scull, Medal Presentation (Bo Hanson far left of picture)

In this highly engaging presentation, you will feel like you are ‘there’ after seeing video footage of Bo Hanson’s teams winning three Olympic Medals that you will touch and put around your neck or handle the 2000 Olympic Torch as Bo explores the critical lessons he has learnt in his Olympic career.

By the end of the presentation, you will realise that Olympians are not super human, they are normal everyday people who just have a passion for being their best. This simple goal applies to anyone who wants to rise to the top of their chosen fields, as the most basic human need is to improve. This presentation connects with everyone who wants to know what difference 0.29% will make in their life.

Where to from here?

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